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"Shaping a Winning RTM Strategy"

This 2-day strategic capability workshop aims to raise knowledge and awareness of key functional leaders on how to shape and implement a successful RTM strategy.

This workshop can be used as a standalone capability training or as the start of a deeper RTM redesign project.

The workshop includes a number of case studies and break-out sessions, where participants will discuss and apply their company RTM environment and challenges.

It is highly recommended for key middle-level managers.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” 

Rupert Murdoch

Key topics covered:

  • What is RTM

  • What are different RTM models

  • Direct vs Indirect RTM

  • RTM calue chain

  • Selecting the right RTM partners​

  • RTM Strategy framework

Target Audience:

Management Team -1 and -2 levels in: 

  • Sales (Area Sales Managers, Distribution Managers, Key Account Managers)

  • Supply Chain (Primary and Secondary Logistics Managers, S&OP Manager, Customer Service Manager)

  • Finance (Senior Business Controller)

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