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RTM Redesign

You can count on my support if you face one of the following business challenges:

  • You plan to significantly grow your business and your current RTM model does not allow for growth;

  • You acquire a new business and you need to expand your RTM to a new business scale;

  • You are entering accompletely new market and need to set up RTM strategy from scratch;

  • You have to downsize your business and are looking for more cost efficient RTM model

RTM Strategy Framework

  • RTM Strategy is not stand-alone, but is part of overall Business Strategy

  • RTM Strategy is directly linked to and based on inputs from Portfolio & Brand, Channel & Customer, and Production strategies

  • RTM (re)design covers a wide range of functional areas, RTM business processes, operational standards and policies, KPIs setting and performance management, as well as overall RTM governance and change management

  • RTM Strategy (re)design is a complex, cross-functional initiative, which has to be sponsored by top management

RTM Business Processes

  • RTM Strategy (re)design covers 10 core RTM business processes

  • The scope, content and relevance of RTM business processes varies from business to business. However, the majority of businesses would have these processes in place, one way or another

  • Most, if not all, of the RTM business processes are cross-functional (i.e. more than one business function is involved in business process execution)

  • Therefore, the changes, required in RTM business processes will usually affect multiple functional areas and require engagement of cross-functional leaders

Business Tools and methodologies

  • Assessment of existing RTM models

  • Mapping and evaluation of new RTM models

  • RTM value chain analysis

  • Logistics and Warehousing footprints 

  • RTM partners assessment

  • Customer Trade Terms policy

  • Commercial Execution Standards

  • Organisational design and capabilities required

  • Customer Service Levels policy

  • RTM business process optimisation

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