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"Building Partnerships with Distributors"

This 1,5-day strategic capability workshop aims to raise the knowledge and awareness of key functional leaders on how to assess, select and manage independent distributors as well as how to build win-win relationships with them.

The workshop includes a number of case studies and break-out sessions, where participants will discuss and apply their company distributors environment and challenges.

This workshop can be especially beneficial to those who directly manage or deal with distributors. 

“Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent.” 

—Jimmy Carter

Key topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of RTM Strategy

  • Roles of distributors in RTM models

  • Different types of distributors

  • Distributor assessment and segmentation

  • Setting up optimal distribution network

  • Distributor reward policy

  • Distributor capability development

  • Joint business planning with distributors

Target Audience:

Management Team -1 and -2 levels in: 

  • Sales (Area Sales Managers, Distribution Managers, Key Account Managers)

  • Supply Chain (Primary and Secondary Logistics Managers, S&OP Manager, Customer Service Manager)

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