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You can count on my support if you face one of the following business challenges:

  • You are setting up a new distribution network and looking for the right distributor partners;

  • You are entering a new market and would like to understand how good the local distributors are;

  • You want to enter into product or geographical exclusivity with distributors and need an assessment of potential partners;

  • You are not happy with some of your distributors and would like to replace them with more qualified ones;

  • You want to acquire distribution partners

Shaping Distribution Network

Distributor Network Assessment focuses on:

  • Distributor segmentation

  • Distributor capabilities assessment (financial, commercial, logistical, etc.)

  • Screening for new distribution partners

  • Pay-for-performance trade terms with distributors

  • Distributor target setting and measurement

  • Joint business planning with distributors

  • Review of your internal distributor management organisation and capabilities

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