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Developing  Business Strategy

You can count on my support if you face one of the following business challenges:

  • You are a start-up and need business strategy to launch your business

  • You are an established business that needs business strategy to enter a new market / product category

  • You are a business that needs business strategy to capture new growth opportunities

  • Your business requires a turnaround

Business Strategy
for Start-ups

  • Market scoping and opportunity assessment

  • Customer / Consumer segmentation and profiling

  • Business launch plan and budgeting

  • Pricing and Trade terms strategy

  • Evaluation of alternative routes to market

  • Assessment of possible RTM partners

  • Longer-term strategy

Business Growth  / Expansion Strategy

  • Identification and assessment of alternative sources of growth

  • Assessment of new market opportunities

  • Assessment of RTM alternatives for new market expansion

  • Development of business cases

  • Prioritisation of growth initiatives

  • Evaluation of risks, related to growth or expansion 

  • Development of exit strategies

  • Growth / expansion (interim) program management

Business Turnaound / Transformation Strategy

  • Development of business turnaround or transformation strategy and plans

  • (Interim) management of business turnaround or transformation initiatives

Business Tools and methodologies

  • Business Mission, Vision and Ambition development

  • Strategic (3-5 year) planning and budgeting

  • Operational (annual) planning and budgeting

  • Business KPI house and target setting

  • Business SWOT analysis

  • Market and competition landscaping

  • Channel and customer segmentation and prioritisation

  • Portfolio strategy

  • (Omni-) Channel strategy

  • Route-To-Market strategy

  • Organisational design & Restructuring

  • Change management

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