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empowering businesses
to drive route-to-market excellence

Hello and welcome to!

My name is Sasha Makarenko, I am an independent management consultant.

For over 20 years I have built solid operational managerial experience  at HEINEKEN, by being a member of the Management teams, and by leading local sales organisations in several European markets. Next to that, I have mastered management consultancy by implementing business transformation programs,  as well as sales and distribution improvement projects in more than 20 countries around the globe.

I lived and worked in 7 countries - The Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. I have learnt a great deal of multi-cultural diversity.

I am greatly passionate about business growth opportunities, which can be achieved by shaping holistic Route-To-Market strategy, improving sales and distribution capabilities, and proactively driving required changes internally and externally.

I look forward to discussing your business challenges, and would be happy to support you as a consultant or sparring partner for your business growth initiatives.

If you want to learn more about me and my professional career, you are welcome to visit my LinkedIn page

“Sasha has gained vast international experience in business transformation in a variety of market dynamics across the world. He has  proven real expertise in shaping RTM strategy and building high-performing organisations.

Sasha is a top senior leader, who is always challenging the status-quo in a positive way, making things happen, supporting strategy execution and empowering teams in the field.

He is great at shaping strategy, down-to-earth and has a real hands-on approach”


Javier Pijoan
Board Member, Non-Executive Director
Grupo Varma (Madrid, Spain)
Winche Redes Comerciales (Barcelona, Spain)

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